Natural Progesterone is secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands much like estrogen.

It helps:

  • Reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause
  • Decrease headache and bloating with menstruation
  • Protect against uterine cancer and breast carcinoma, fibrocystic disease, and ovarian cysts
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Reduce cholesterol levels and increase the proportion of HDL or good cholesterol
  • Increase breakdown of fat
  • Increase feelings of calmness
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Prevent water retention
  • Elevate mood
  • Restore libido
  • Prevent osteoporosis by stimulating osteoblasts to form new bone
  • Moderate many side effects of excess estrogen – reduce fluid retention, bloating, headache, bleeding, and fibroids
  • Support estrogen’s effect on bone and lipids

Combining the benefits of estrogen and progesterone replacement provides many of the benefits without risks. They work in tandem in the body of pre-menopausal women and an increasing number of physicians believe that both hormones should be replaced postmenopausal.

Together estrogen and progesterone protect against cardiovascular disease, improve and/or prevent osteoporosis, improve mood status and improve sexual function and libido.

Progesterone by itself has a large number of benefits including the breakdown of fat, increasing energy through fat loss, protecting against endometrial and breast cancer, improving mood and sexual function, and normalizing levels of blood sugar, zinc, and copper.

The foremost concern about estrogen is whether it increases the risk of endometrial cancer. When progesterone is given along with estrogen for ten or more days per cycle, it not only eliminates the risk of this cancer but can actually reduce it beyond that which occurs spontaneously.