Frequently Asked Questions

“How can MD Longevity help you look and feel better?”

Q: What is CHS?

CHS stands for Comprehensive Hormone Supplementation. Hormones are messengers that orchestrate the metabolic processes in our bodies. By the age of 40, the natural hormones in our body are 14 to 15% depleted and the signs and symptoms of aging are accelerated.

With our CHS program, we measure your current hormone levels and restore them to the levels of a healthy 25-year-old. This is the age when our immune systems are generally the strongest, our metabolism the most efficient and we can build muscle faster than fat. Your body will respond as if it were many years younger.

Q: Are there any side effects from the treatment?

Side effects from our therapy are very rare and do not compare with the serious side effects from synthetic drugs. The possibilities may include carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, and acne. These symptoms can easily be eliminated by adjusting or stopping the hormone, resuming at a lower dose, and then gradually increasing to optimal levels.

Q: What is the cost of the program?

The cost of your program will be determined following an analysis of your initial test results, medical questionnaire, and discussion of your health goals with the doctor. The cost may vary from $100 to over $500 a month depending on your regimen.

Q: Does insurance cover your treatment program?

Not usually. We are treating the aging process. Since aging is not considered a disease, insurance companies are not required to cover the cost. The insurance companies do not focus on preventive medicine or programs that keep you from getting ill.

Q: Will your clinic assume my primary medical care?

No. Our clinic only treats aging, not diseases. We supplement your physician’s care, not replace. We do, on occasion, consult with your physician when appropriate.

Q: How long does it take for me to see the results?

Many of our clients say they feel dramatically better in a matter of days. Most people can expect to notice results from 1 to 3 months after beginning hormone supplementation. Men may see physical manifestations, such as increased muscle mass, hair growth, and women may notice an improvement in their energy. The first visible changes, such as improved skin color and tone, usually take a month or so.

Q: Are over-the-counter Human Growth Hormones and other hormones effective?

Rarely, if ever. The reason we use prescription hormones is that over-the-counter products don’t actually have true HGH. Rather, they use compounds called oral secretagogues to stimulate the body’s production of HGH. The actual result is little to no effect. For the program to be optimally effective, you need baseline hormone blood levels, and then use pharmaceutical-grade natural hormones and nutraceuticals from a registered compounding pharmacy. You need to be prescribed appropriate doses by a physician knowledgeable in anti-aging Medicine and Natural Hormone Supplementation.

Q: Is hormone therapy in any way dangerous?

Our therapy only replaces the human hormones your body already produces. We just bring your levels back to that of a healthy 25-year-old. A trained physician monitors every client. Our program is safe.

Q: I’ve heard some doctors in the media say that HGH is not proven, is that true?

Our anti-aging therapy (using HGH) is proven safe and effective. This hormone has been around since the 1970s and the corresponding research on people using HGH reports no significant problems.

Q: Can your clinic help me with therapy that doesn’t use HGH?

Yes, we can. We help many clients improve their aging process by correcting destructive lifestyles, diet, and improving their exercise regimens. We use anti-oxidants, vitamins, and mineral supplements as indicated. Additionally, we sometimes adjust other hormone levels without using HGH.

Q: Where do these natural hormones come from?

The pure bio-identical (human identical) hormones are extracted from plants or synthetically manufactured. What is important is that it is IDENTICAL to your body’s hormone molecule. We prescribe all the natural hormones at our clinic.

Q: Why doesn’t my doctor prescribe natural hormones?

The answer partly involves the pharmaceutical companies who make money on patented drugs which they promote to physicians who prescribe them to you.

Your physician has to be self-educated and experienced in prescribing and monitoring natural hormone levels. They also have to prescribe within the constraints of your health insurance companies, who are generally not interested in preventive health and wellness.

Q: Who supplies the hormones that I need?

Our clinic sends an order to specialized pharmacies known as Compounding Pharmacies. These pharmacies are similar to the old-fashioned concept of a pharmacist with a mortar and pestle. They acquire the pure pharmaceutical-grade hormones and compound them into the form and dosage ordered by your physician as pills, capsules, liquids, and creams. They are prepared specifically for you, making your treatment program customized and personalized.

Q: How do you achieve success with your program?

Once you are prescribed a personalized regimen, we need to monitor your results objectively through lab tests and subjectively, y your feedback and adjusting your doses until you achieve your health goals. When proper hormone levels at the tissue level are achieved, you will realize the full benefits of natural hormone replacement.

We will complete your hormone panel every 3 months to 6 months depending on an individual patient.