Age Management Medicine


Lifestyle and anti-aging medicine as components of age management medicine go hand in hand. Adopting both allows clients to avoid many of the ill effects associated with aging.

From as early as our 30’s, we begin to experience unwanted signs and symptoms of aging manifested by low motivation, low energy levels, depression, anxiety, decrease in mental acuity and sharpness, irritability, poor sleep, unwanted weight gain, generalized aches, and pains to decrease in libido among many other symptoms. You can alleviate these symptoms and feel like your younger self again by being proactive about your health.

It first starts with an eating plan that is most synergistic with hormone therapy which includes highly nutrient-dense foods grown locally and lean meats, essential fats, avoiding refined and processed foods including simple carbohydrates, foods with additives, preservatives, colorings, and flavorings.

Movement and exercise not only burn calories ad decrease weight, maintain ideal body weight and body mass index, but it also helps decrease blood pressure, the incidence of insulin resistance or propensity to develop diabetes, decrease the incidence of heart disease, increase vascular circulation, improves REM sleep, decrease depression and anxiety and many more benefits.

Unmitigated stress is a killer. Being aware of how you manifest stressors are important. It is imperative to incorporate good habits in our daily lives to relieve stress, such as frequent exercise, meditation, yoga, relaxation, deep, slow breathing, and fully engaging in activities we enjoy.

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