What Our Clients Say

M.L., Financial Advisor, Male, Age: 45 New York, NY

Prior to beginning the hormone supplementation program, I suffered from moderate depression. My energy level was very low, and I was overweight. After following an individualized plan for 10 weeks, I feel wonderful. I have lost weight and my energy has increased dramatically. I am grateful for your help.

S.R., Business Owner, Male, Age: 54 San Francisco, Ca

After four months on the hormone program, my life has changed so much. I could not be more pleased with what growth hormone and testosterone is doing for me. I feel much stronger and physically capable. My sex life has improved dramatically, and both my wife and I are quite grateful for that. I am more mentally alert and, possibly most important, I feel an immense sense of well-being. I look forward to many years of youthful aging.

R.S., CEO, Male, Age: 62 New York, NY

Thanks to your natural hormone program, I am in the best shape of my life. My energy level used to be so low that I found it difficult to get through the day. Although I made it to the gym regularly, I never seemed to be able to work out hard enough to produce real results. However, all that has changed. I have lost weight and my sex drive is strong. Because my energy level has gone through the roof, I decided to hire a weight trainer and put in extra effort at the gym. I look and feel fantastic.

K.L., Photographer, Male, Age: 62 San Francisco, Ca

As a result of the aging process, I noticed a decrease in my sexual capacity. I decided to try your comprehensive hormone replacement program and after only three weeks, I am pleased to say that my sex life is back to normal. I feel like I am thirty.

L.P., Attorney, Male, Age: 40 San Francisco, Ca

Why isn’t everyone on the planet on this program?

G.P., Personal Trainer, Male, Age: 30 Sacramento, Ca

I feel like I’m doing extremely well. My testosterone level is up from 303 to 761, with free testosterone up from 71 to 151. I am very pleased with my bodybuilding, my energy level, and my feeling of well-being.

R.G., Physician, Male, Age: 66 Palm Beach, Fl

I feel like I’m doing exceptionally well. My glucose has dropped from 111 to 78 and was done just by hormone replacement, nutrition, and exercise. I feel motivated to remain on the therapy program and low glycemic diet. I’ve lost weight and have come down to 155 pounds from 168 pounds. I’m exercising, watching my diet, and I don’t tire out as quickly as I used to. Thank you for giving me a new lease on life!

I.R., Family Lawyer, Female, Age: 49 New York, NY

I can tell you that for once in a long time I have a perfect night’s sleep. I don’t get up with night sweats. I have lost 20 pounds just following your practical food plan. I also have no more cold hands and feet. I have more energy and am now suggesting we do things. I feel great!

B.T. TV Producer, Male, Age: 69 New York, NY

I clearly now have more energy. My workouts are stronger and have better definition. I have lost an inch and a half off my waist. I’ve lost more than 30 pounds and feel terrific.

P.C., Real Estate Developer, Male, Age: 72 Greenwich, Ct

When I started your hormone supplementation program three months ago, I was in good health and approached your program from the standpoint of prevention and to optimize my fitness level. Since being on the program, my body fat is clearly reduced, I have lost inches in my waist and my clothes fit much better. My energy level is enhanced, and my golf ball travels further. My workouts are less effortful and more enjoyable and my friends say I look great! As a CEO and professional speaker with an active travel schedule, I appreciate what your program has done for me. I look forward to further gains.

R.V., Entrepreneur, Male, Age: 56 New York, NY

Just wanted to let you know that, although I’ve only been on the program for a short time, I’ve been receiving compliments from a number of people. Compliments or not, I know that I am feeling much stronger and looking a great deal healthier. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for keeping in touch with me.