Types of Unexplained Weight Gain

For most individuals, unexplained weight gain comes as they consume more calories consumption per day than they actually burn. However, if you are facing an unexplained excess weight issue in spite of consuming less calorie consumption and doing a respectable amount of exercising, then there can be a further issue, which you will have to consider. Before we get into the details, you will have to ask yourself if you have had any significant changes to your way of life such as changes to your eating plan or workout pattern. If you have, then you have already discovered an answer to your issue. Probably, your initial workout and dieting regime suited you better than the new one.  Dr. Ann J Peters shows that there are numerous circumstances, which can cause weight to go up and down, such as consuming conditions, endocrine conditions, cardiovascular conditions, depressive conditions, etc. Some of the circumstances can either cause gain in weight or a decrease in weight, depending on the individual structure. Depression causes some individuals to eat less and thereby shed unwanted weight, whereas others eat more and in turn gain weight.


Lack of Unhealthy Acids

Due to the information being shared about body fat not being optimal for your health, most of us limit fat intake, which can have a negative effect on healthy fats. These chemicals and excellent body fat are necessary for the system to produce hormones and maintain the optimum metabolic process. The deficiency causes a craving for meals and the individual tends to eat a lot of fat, which is not excellent for the body and can cause unexplained weight gain. Dr. Ann Peters notes that the other signs seen with this deficiency are dry skin, dry hair, and brittle nails. Such deficiency is often also associated with other health issues such as arthritis, eating disorders, poor cardiovascular condition, diabetes as well as premenstrual problems or PMS.

Reduced Rest Cycle

A reduction in the proper sleep cycle is one of the more common adverse reactions and symptoms of weight gain. Ann J Peters, MD shows that one of the adverse reactions of insomnia is sometimes unexplained weight gain. Insomnia can cause a person to stay up at night with increased stress, causing them to indulge in snacking or consuming food outside their normal times, leading to added weight and inches. The other reason, which needs further evaluation, is what is going on biochemically when you have limited rest. Hormones related to hunger take over, making you hungrier the next morning and you end up consuming much more than what is required.  Proper rest offers the body a period of fasting, which helps aid in digestion and allows the body a rest period from processing food. Your body is essentially a machine. It only functions properly when correctly energized. Eight hours of well-rested sleep is an excellent starting point.


This is probably the most typical cause of a rapid gain in weight in women and men. Dr. Ann Peters shows that improper functioning of the thyroid can cause serious deficiency of the hypothyroid hormone, which can have a negative effect on the metabolic process of meals, leading to excess weight.  Body unexplained weight gain can also occur owing to fat accumulation and fluid storage brought on by protein deposits in the system. If an individual experiences rapid gain in weight, exhaustion, and sleepiness at the same time, it can be due to hypothyroid problems. The other signs include swelling of the face, swollen eyes, dry epidermis, decreased sweating, slow speech, husky voice, intolerance to cold, headache, etc.

Premenstrual and Menopausal Bodyweight Increase

Changes that occur during menopause and during times of menstruation can cause our hormones to increase and our minds and bodies to believe that we have an increase in hunger. At the same time, aging also slows down the metabolic process, which does not allow our bodies to rid themselves of excess weight as easily.  One of the most typical premenstrual problems or PMS symptoms is excess weight, which is often due to bloating but this unexplained weight gain is usually shed as fast as it is put on.  As your system loses and gains different hormones or has significant hormone changes, your body begins to change its shape. It is important to remember that while your body is changing during these times, you may need to adjust your exercise routine as well as the intake of calories.  This increases your metabolic process. Bodybuilding and weight training are very important in this process. Ann J Peters also notes exercise training will also offset any bone reduction you may be suffering from due to aging.


MD Longevity notes that stress is consuming modern-day life.  When there are too many stressors, the system goes into overdrive and thus causes us to make poor lifestyle choices. The pressure sometimes causes the body to seek stress reduction in the form of increased hunger. This may cause us to seek out “treats” that are high-calorie relaxation meals in periods of pressure. This combination creates unwanted unexplained weight gain. Stress is the silent killer and can be the cause of your excess weight. This affects our feelings, our emotions, and our sleep patterns. We relax with meals, desserts, and other unhealthy choices. Food can sometimes cause you to recognize the reward as a happy event because we get a sense of pleasure when consuming these types of foods, although this is bad for us in the long run.