Critical Hormones


Reset Your Natural Hormone Levels

MD Longevity is a leader in age management medicine, utilizing natural hormone replacement therapy. Our anti-aging clinic provides individualized, state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment. With two offices conveniently located in New York and San Francisco, we see clients from all over the world.

By the age of 40, the natural hormones in our body are 14% to 15% depleted, and the signs and symptoms of aging are accelerated. You may experience lower overall energy, lessened mental acuity, and loss of sleep, weight gain, and lower libido, among other symptoms. It doesn’t have to be that way! With MD Longevity’s personalized hormone replacement therapy, you can reset your natural hormone levels and regain vitality.

The Stages of Aging

In our Teens

  • Hormone levels peak

In our Twenties

  • Hormone levels begin to decline
  • Free radical damage starts

In our Thirties

  • Hormone levels continue to decline to less than 25%
  • Cellular damage ensues

In our Forties

  • All critical hormones continue to decline
  • Hair starts to gray
  • Decrease in visual acuity
  • Increase in skin pigmentation
  • Collagen fiber breakdown
  • Muscle and skeletal breakdown