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HCG Diet for Weight Loss

Our HCG Diet for weight loss is based on Dr. Simmons’ Manuscript Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity plus Weight Management Genetic Testing.

Many patients have experienced tremendous weight loss with the HCG diet. Originally designed by Dr. Simmons, it is offered in one of the 3 programs below, depending on the weight loss you desire. This is a unique diet because it is known to “re-set” your new weight for the long term.

The 3 programs are:

  • 20 Day Program (loss of 10-16 pounds)
  • 30 Day Program (loss of 16-20 pounds)
  • 40 Day Program (loss of 21-30 pounds)

HCG is a messenger hormone and together with a very low caloric diet promotes successful weight loss. HCG is prescribed in inject able form, sublingual pellets or rapid dissolve capsules.

Inject able HCG contains Vitamin B 12, methy-cyanocobalmin, and the rapid dissolve capsules contain another form of Vitamin B 12, hydroxy-cyanocobalamin . Prior to start of the program, you will undergo Weight Management Genetic Testing to customize the right diet and exercise plan for you. Included with your program you will receive specific meal plans, fat burning supplements, anti-oxidant and digestive enzymes.

HCG is known to work on abnormal fat cells causing weight loss without the feeling of hunger. Once the desired weight is lost, the new weight is usually considered permanent for most people. You can then focus on a proper diet to maintain your new weight and lifestyle.

  • Initial consultation, with measurements and vitals
  • Four meetings with the doctor: 2 in-office and 2 follow up meetings by phone or email.
  • Weight Management Genetic Testing
  • Baseline lab tests
  • Food and measurement logs
  • Meal Plans
  • HCG – by injection, sublingual pellets or rapid dissolve capsules
  • Supplements –probiotics, digestive enzymes, anti-oxidants and amino acids that support and help burn fat.
  • Maintenance diet and exercise plan

Call 888 545 3047 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ann J Peters in her anti-aging clinics in New York or San Francisco or email for more information about our HCG diet for weight loss.