Functional Medicine MovementDr. Ann J Peters Discusses the Importance of the Functional Medicine Movement

The Functional Medicine movement could be a historic event in the American healthcare system. Will this critical medical practice get lost in the noise of Healthcare Reform or radically change the future of patient care?

Dr. Ann J Peters, a doctor committed to creating optimal quality of life for her patients, is an advocate in helping Americans learn and understand the importance of the Functional Medicine Movement. The risk of this method of preventative medicine getting lost in the Healthcare Reform act is very high.

Because of its potential to transform the lives of Americans everywhere, it is important to make its value well known, to allow it to change the future of patient care from one that is based on treating diseases to one that is focused on preventing diseases. The Functional Medicine Movement transfers the focus of today’s healthcare from managing symptoms and curing diseases to preventing chronic diseases from occurring at all.

With the proper methods and tools, that include taking into consideration the genetic makeup of individuals, various environmental risks, and their current lifestyle, physicians can help patients determine the underlying causes of chronic diseases. This can take the place of the current medical practice of simply managing the symptoms or dealing with medical emergencies when they arise. Patients can learn how to live their lives to prevent chronic diseases from occurring in the first place. This could prove to provide patients with longer, happier lives.

This future of the American healthcare system is based on years of education and research and is slowly being adopted into the medical curriculum for current students as well as continuing education for current doctors. In order for the Functional Medicine Movement to become a part of the national healthcare system, greater awareness of the program needs to be made. Americans need to understand the value of prevention rather than treatment to end the epidemic of people suffering from chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and mental illness.

The premise behind Dr. Ann J Peters’ practice is to focus on natural ways to fight the aging process and instill a sense of longevity in her patients’ lives. It is only normal for everyone to look and feel good, which is only possible through the use of prevention of chronic disease.