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Remedies for Unexplained Weight Gain

MD Longevity realizes that this shift slows their metabolism, making it easier to gain weight. In addition, some people become less physically active as they get older, increasing the risk of weight gain. Dr. Ann [...]


Weight Gain Prevention Methods

Weight Gain Prevention Methods Ever notice that there are times in your life when you stop paying close attention to your food choices and you realize that you are not as comfortable in your clothes [...]


Causes of Unexplained Weight Gain

Weight gain can be common throughout a person’s life, but what happens when a person starts to gain weight with no common explanation or immediate cause?  There are some reasons to believe that a variety [...]


Remedies for Depression or Anxiety

Today, there are many drugs your doctor can prescribe to treat depression or anxiety. Dr. Ann J. Peters, MD is fully educated as to these drugs and their treatment opportunities, and her age management medicine [...]


Causes of Depression or Anxiety

Dr. Ann J. Peters, a prominent anti-aging physician may have some answers. You may wonder what a doctor who specializes in anti-aging medicine knows about depression and anxiety. Dr. Peters would put it plainly that [...]


Depression or Anxiety Prevention Methods

There are a great many people afflicted with depression and/or anxiety which make it nearly impossible for them to feel chipper and upbeat. Fortunately, according to physicians like Dr. Ann J. Peters, these individuals can [...]


Types of Depression or Anxiety

It’s thought that 6% of the population suffers from depression of some kind therefore much more is being said and written about this condition than ever before. The good news is that the average person [...]


The Amazing Sunshine Vitamin

Fat-soluble Vitamin D also called “The Sunshine Vitamin”, is actually not a vitamin, which must be consumed through the diet, but a HORMONE, which is produced in the body.  It is acquired through sunlight, diet, [...]

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