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Testosterone and your Heart Health

Increasingly, studies upon studies show the specific benefits of having optimal testosterone levels as we age and how restoring testosterone levels safely in men and women can improve health and health span. Testosterone receptors reside on practically all organs of the body and all our functions improve with optimal circulating serum testosterone levels.
When testosterone levels are low there is a greater prevalence of high cholesterol, heart disease and atherosclerosis. Optimal levels increases cardiac contractility and stimulates metabolism. There are many studies attesting to prevention of coronary artery disease in men on optimal doses of testosterone.
With personalized nutrition, metabolism modu lation, optimal supplements including Coen zyme Q10, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, B Complex vitamins and fitness, testosterone optimization is crucial to preventing and reversing heart
I see many clients with subclinical levels of testosterone and on pharmaceutical drugs for cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes and metabolic syndrome who over a relatively short period of time can improve their biomarkers, reverse their symptoms and prevent any heart related symptoms on the right testosterone therapy for them. Therapy can lead to decreasing their current dose of drugs and even discontinuing them.