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Telomerase Activation

Telomeres are strings of DNA at the ends of our chromosomes. They maintain the integrity of our chromosomes and protect our genome (genetic material) from all kinds of insults that lead to mutations which in turn can lead to disease and our demise. The cells in our bodies divide and every time they divide our telomeres get shorter and shorter until they either stop functioning properly or they die.

In 1985, Elizabeth Blackburn and her colleague won the Nobel Peace Prize after they discovered the enzyme telomerase and how it protects our telomeres. Since then, a telomerase activator has been introduced as a single organic molecule obtained by ultra purifying and concentrating the bioactive compound found in the astralagus plant. It is available as a nutritional supplement.

Studies show this activator to lengthen short telomeres, restore the aging immune system, increase bone density and improve various biomarkers of aging. Anecdotal benefits include increased energy, improved endurance, vision, sexual function and better skin elasticity among others.